Origins: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Classification: Human, Spiral lifeform

Threat level: Tiger+, at least Celestial with spiral power

  • Higher if he is using one of his mechas
  • Could amp himself to unknown amounts with spiral power, as the Anti-Spirals created their own pocket universe which is more intricate than our own and Simon's spiral power is around this level as well

Physical strength: At least wall (fought evenly with a high tier beastman like Viral)

Destructive capacity: Wall, At least city block+ with his spiral key (made a hole through Lord Genome who could take hits from Lagann), likely universe+ with spiral power at full potential (summoned enough spiral power to destroy Super Grand Zamboa's multi galaxy+ sized Giga Drill while simply relying on Gurren-Lagann, strongest spiral warrior in existence by EoS)

Durability: At least large building+, likely universe+ at EoS (Strongest spiral warrior by EoS)

Speed: Superhuman, hypersonic reactions (could keep up in battle with Viral who showed faster than the eye movement in his fight with Kamina, Adiane casually deflects gunfire from close range), likely TransUniversal when amping himself with spiral power at EoS (Piloted mechas whom were dodging attacks from Anti-Spiral which where moving at least trillions of times the speed of light)

Intelligence: Average. Good leader and experienced fighter.

Stamina: High. Can fight continuously even if severely wounded, Kamina brought himself back from death for a few moments via will power and Simon by EoS has access to more will power (spiral energy) than Kamina.

Standard equipment: His spiral key (a small drill which channels spiral power which he uses to pilot Lagann), his younger version also tends to carry a drill of approximately half a meter in length