Lucci Zoan

Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human, Devil fruit user (Zoan type, leopard man)

Threat level: Demon- || Demon

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Martial Artist (Has mastered all 6 styles of Rokushiki), Pseudo Flight (Via Geppo, could stay in air for extended period of time by kicking air continously. Lucci can also combine it with Soru), Statistics Amplification (His devil fruit enhances his overall battle prowess), Body Control (Could manipulate his body to amplify certain skills and to become more versatile in combat situations. He has been seen decreasing the large mass of his Half-Human, Half-Leopard's bodily form to become faster and more agile through Kami-e), Rokuogan somewhat bypasses conventional durability

Physical strength: At least Multi block+ level striking (Matched and even overpowered base luffy) || At least town level striking

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Multi block+ (Superior to base Luffy) || Town (Stalemated Gear 2 luffy), higher with concentrated attacks (His Rankyaku Gaichō tore through a marine ship and his Rokuogan was powerful enough to nearly KO Luffy with a single blow)

Durability: At least Multi block+ (Took several blows from luffy with little to no damage) || At least Town (could take blows from Gear 3rd Luffy, although this did damage him considerably)

Speed: At least Massively hypersonic (His doroki is more than 6 times greater than Kalifa, whom was able to dodge lightning from close range. Fastest member of CP9) || At least Massively Hypersonic (His devil fruit further enhances his physical abilities, and hence his speed. Kept up with Gear 2 luffy. Can change his form with Life return to further increase his speed)

Intelligence: Genius. Greatest prodigy in CP9 history, a master assassin and combat genius. Trained since his youth and with experience on the field since his 13 years of age.

Stamina: Very high. Had a long and damaging combat with Luffy, in which he got back up to continue fighting even after having his brain shaken by a gear third attack from Luffy.

Range: Melee range in base to extended melee range in Zoan form, several metres with projectiles

Weaknesses: General Devil Fruit weaknesses, using Tekkai requires him to stay sufficiently still. Easily provoked by insults or by being called a brat.

Standard equipment: None, although his pidgeon usually accompanies him. Also used a hammer when he was posing as a worker in Water 7.

Keys: Base || Zoan Form