Origins: Nurarihyon no Mago

Classification: Human-Youkai hybrid (3/4th's human, 1/4th youkai), Nurarihyon (specific type of youkai), Hyakki Yakou master (Leader of a night parade of 100 demons)

Threat level: Demon, Dragon- with his strongest Matoi's

Physical strength: Town (Can contend with Tsuchigumo and Abe no Seimei), higher with any Matoi

Destructive capacity: At least town, at least city with Hagoromo Gitsune Matoi

Durability: At least town+, at least city+ with Hagoromo Gitsune Matoi

Speed: High hypersonic+ (Reacted to lightning invoked from weather manipulation)

Intelligence: High. Despite his age he is one of the most capable of his kind, proving his capacity as a leader of a Hyakki Yakou. A natural battle genius.

Stamina: Extremely high. Can continue fighting for at least a short while even when receiving wounds that would normally instantly kill a person, such as a hole in the thorse or getting part of his shoulder and head ripped off.

Standard equipment: Nenerikimaru (a blade that can only fatally wound youkai), usually is also accompanied by his Hyakki Yakou in combat many whom which he can use to "Matoi" (wear their powers over his own to create a much more powerful self, similar to a fusion), Sakazuki (a large cup/dish for sake, used for exchanging vows or in Nura's case some times for some of his secret youkai arts)