Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) is the story of Elizabeth and Meliodas. Elizabeth as the princess of the kingdom of Liones seeks out The Seven Deadly Sins to help her regain the kingdom which has been corrupted and controlled by the Holy knights. Upon entering a bar she discovers that the owner of the place is in reality Meliodas: the captain of The Seven Deadly Sins. With Meliodas accepting to aide her they go on a quest to reunite the rest of the Sins to take back the kingdom of Liones.

Currently the manga is already in its second part.


The manga starts out pretty strong since chapter 1, showing even an apprentice Holy knight carving up part of a cliff with his swords air pressure. However that is just the start of it, not surprisingly coming from the author of Kongoh Bancho, this series loves showing off the power of its characters. With a large quantity of impressive feats solidifying its power the series has plenty of mountain level beings and currently its high tiers are island to potentially country level. And there is still a long way to go, as there are top tiers whom havent even been shown yet like the Demon King. It has a decent amount of hax like Mind Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Attack Negation, spammable BFR spells, Barriers, Time Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Regeneration, Immortality, Sealing, Petrification, Clones, Energy Direction, Spatial Manipulation etc.


The Seven Deadly Sins

The Ten Commandments

The Four Archangels

Great Holy Knights

Holy Knights

Pleiades of the Azure Sky

Fairy clan

Weird fangs

Vampire clan