Origins: Hunter x Hunter

Classification: Chimera ant king

Threat level: Demon- || Demon+

Physical strength: At least multi block+ level striking (Stronger than Uvogin and at least comparable to "Adult" Gon) || At least Multi block+ level striking, likely higher (considerably stronger than before)

Destructive capacity: Town || At least City level, possibly higher (destroyed a good chunk of a mesa with a casual blast)

Durability: Town+ || At least City level, possibly higher (survived Rose nuke although with fatal injuries, after Pouf and Youpi helped restore him he becomes a few times stronger)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (even pre-Rose he was one of the fastest HxH characters) || Hypersonic+, likely higher (Got 3-4x faster after The rose bomb)

Intelligence: Super genius. Born to be the pinnacle of evolution, even with only a few days of age he was such a prodigy that he could master a game and beat the world champion after just a few matches. Furthermore, upon repeting this process he started finding similar formulas in games making him take less tries to beat champtions every following game. Could solve a potentially limitless combintion by figuring out a pattern normally unnoticeable in Netero's attacks. Smarter than even genius like Pouf and Pitou, quickly being able to tell if they hid something from him. Overall he is apparently the smartest being in HxH verse, which is plenty to say as its a verse filled with geniuses and where tactics are often very important.

Stamina: Very high. Can calmly continue playing even after ripping his own arm off. Survived the Rose nuke but was in no conditions to fight. || Below average (Though he had gotten physically stronger, shortly after the Dose he died from poisoning)

Standard equipment: None

Keys: Pre Rose || Post Rose

Meruem y komugi by rocchi91-d6quaed

Meruem's only weakness: Komugi.

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