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Loox is one of the various monster races that is possible to find in UNDERTALE. It makes its appearance in the Ruins.

Powers and Stats

Dimensionality: 3D

Threat Level: Wolf+

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Magic, Non-Physical Interaction, SOUL Manipulation and Absorption (Monsters in UNDERTALE are made of magic like Humans are made of water, allowing them to use magic-based attacks even as physical ones. Said magic can be used to attack both the SOUL and body, and was shown to even be able to damage Mad Dummy, who is a non-physical spirit that couldn't be harmed from Frisk due to them lacking magic on their own. If a monster defeats a human, they can absorb the latter's SOUL, obtaining immense power), Statistics Amplification (The more they kill, the more their LOVE increases, raising their STATs), Energy Projection, Resistance to Heat Manipulation (Has a higher DEF STAT than LV 1 Base DETERMINATION Frisk, who can go across Hotland without being affected from the immense temperatures, which are high enough to evaporate water along with the cup containing it in a short time), Possibly Poison Manipulation (Comparable to other monsters who can stay indefinitely in the CORE, which is likely filled of Ozone), Radiation Manipulation (The Gamerblood Energy Drink, which is made of radioactive waste, is considered a regular energy drink for the monsters in the Underground) and SOUL Manipulation (Can take SOUL Attacks as physical ones, due to their SOUL being strong as their material body)

Physical Strength: Wall+ Level Striking Strength

Attack Potency: Wall+ (Has 6 ATK, making it stronger than Froggit)

Durability: Wall+ (Same as its attack potency due to having 6 DEF)

Speed: Human

Intelligence: Likely Average

Stamina: Average

Range: Melee, higher with attacks

Weakness: If a monster faces a being with an extremely high murderous intent, and the monster doesn't want to fight back, it will extremely weaken.


Standard Equipment: None notable

Noteworthy Techniques and Abilities

  • Spheres: Uses energy spheres that bounce on the surfaces.
  • Worm spheres: Uses spheres which toghether shape a worm-like energy attack.


Notable Matches


Statistics scaling is canon to UNDERTALE due to it being acknowledged in lore, and thus can be used to determine the actual ratings of the characters. However, it should be noted that due to it being not linear in nature given the various feats attributed to the values, Moldsmal not being one-shotted from a LV 2 Chara despite having 0 as DEF and Snowdrake's Mother dealing regular damage despite her having literally negative ATK, the scaling shouldn't be taken linearly, but just used to determine who is stronger between the characters.