Origins: Terra Formars

Classification: Human, B.U.G.S. Operation recipient, Annex I Japan federation captain

Threat level: Tiger-

Physical strength: Building+ level (Has the strength of an insect on human scale)

Destructive capacity: Building+

Durability: Large building

Speed: Supersonic (Has the speed of an insect on human scale)

Intelligence: High. Originally a good figher, after surviving the BUGS II expedition he eventually became a high ranking officer of the U-NASA, becoming the captain of the entire ANNEX I expedition for Mars. Is an extremely well trained combatant, one of the most skilled amongst the 100 man crew on the ANNEX I, impressing some of his underlings to the point they thought he was using some kind of extra operation when in reality it was just the results of his years of training.

Stamina: High. Can fight swarms of Terra formars (each individually being a threat comparable to himself) for prolonged periods of time and keep on going despite suffering injuries during such ordeals.

Standard equipment: Drug used to activate his B.U.G.S. transplants.