Valentine Normal

Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 7: Steel Ball Run) 

Alias: Funny Valentine, Mr. President 

Classification: Human, Stand User

Threat level: Demon+

  • Wolf Level stats but Love Train and D4C are extremely hax and negate conventional durability

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Dimension hopping, Paradoxing, Attack redirection

Physical Strength: D4C should be around City Block+ with individual punches/slashes

Destructive Capacity: D4C's ability ignores conventional durability however with individual punches city block+

Durability: Peak human+ (Love Train takes all misfortune and redirects it elsewhere giving Funny a sort of Pseudo immortality also was shot several times and continued to fight for a bit.) 

Speed: FTL+ for D4C, peak Human for Funny Valentine

Intelligence: Very high. Funny is an excellent battle tactician and a good manipulator.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: His fathers handkerchief

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

Love Train

Love Train

Aside from being immune to attacks while inside of LT Love train can also make insignificant wounds fatal for instance a scratch on the arm could be a scratch on the heart.