Origins: Dragon Ball

  • Note that this profile is for Frieza from Fukatsu no F, if you want Frieza's profile from Namek to Trunks saga check here

Classification: Alien

Threat level: Big Bang

Physical strength: At least galaxy+ level striking strength (Casually destroyed Earth while beat up in his 4th form with what was either debatably a simple palming or kiai, either being massively under the brute force of his actual punches. At least comparable to SSGSS Goku whom is close to Beerus in power.)

Destructive capacity: Nigh universal (at least comparable to SSGSS Goku)

Durability: Nigh universal (at least comparable to SSGSS Goku)

Speed: At least sub-relativistic+ travel, at least TransUniversal in all other speeds (comparable to SSGSS Goku)

Intelligence: High. Is a capable ruler and conqueror whom manages a galactic trade federation. Also a natural battle genius whom even without a single day of real training could keep up with a master martial artist like Goku. Properly analyzed Goku's personality based on their short interaction during Namek and devised a backup plan based on it. However he is also extremely arrogant.

Stamina: Extremely high as he is extremely resilient, however he cant sustain his Golden form for too long since he didn't accustom his body to that amount of power. Can sustain his life force for a period of time even if his body is reduced to pieces.

Standard equipment: Floating chair