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Origins: Overlord (Maruyama Kugane)

Classification: Former Human, Vampire, Sorcerer, Elementalist, Adamantite ranked adventurer, Member of Blue Rose

Threat level: Demon

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Gravity Manipulation (Can negate the gravitational force being applied on the target), Acid Manipulation, Flight (Type 5), Earth Manipulation, Sand Manipulation (Can immobilize the target using sand particles), Teleportation, Crystal Manipulation (Can create Daggers and Walls of Crystals), Invisibility, Necromancy,

Physical Strength: At least Building+, likely higher

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: City (Her talent have enough power to annihilate an entire City

Durability: Likely City

Speed: MHS (Comparable to Entoma and Yuri. Superior to Gagaran)

Intelligence: High

Stamina: High

Range: Kilometers

Weakness: None notable

Standard Equipment: None notable

Noteworthy Techniques and Abilities

Vermin Bane: An insecticide spell specifically used to counter insects. Any insect which is hit by it's white gas dies immediately.

Sand Field -One: Hinders the movement of target.

Sand Field - All: Sand participles disperses throughout the surroundings and the target gets immobilized, blinded, silenced and dazed. The sand can also be infused with negative energy which drains the life force of target. 

Reverse Gravity: The target loses it's gravitational force and starts floating upwards.

Translocation Damage: Immediately turns the physical damage that she received into mana loss.

Acid Splash: Launches acid towards the target.

Crystal Lance: Launches a crystal lance which is infused with cold element.

Enhanced Maximize Magic - Crystal Dagger: Launches a large crystal dagger which does pure physical damage and could not be resisted. It can also easily break through defenses.

Crystal Wall: Summons a barrier of crystals in front of her which can deflect and neutralize the attacks.

Shard Buck Shots: Launches many crystals having sharp front ends in a scattered AoE pattern.