• Chuci28

    Cardfight Vanguard!! Feats

    February 20, 2019 by Chuci28

    in this blog will be shown feats of the anime series.


    it looks like the attack travels a great distance in less than a second.

    diameter of the planet= 1185 px

    diameter of the earth=12742km

    shot distance=278px

    shot distance=2989.26km

    shooting time=0.5 seconds

    V=2989.25/0.5= 5978.52 km/s or  Mach 17427.26 (sub-relativistic speed)


    I do not know how to calculate this, the explosion must enter a multi-block city level, if someone could do the exact calculation.

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  • Adam of darkness

    Naruto: Moon

    February 20, 2019 by Adam of darkness

    Because we do not have enough Naruto blogs. Anyways, a friend of mine hit me up with this information (which I thought of previously, just did not post it here cuz). Naruto moon had gravity similar to that of earth. At least it seemed that way. So let us see what we can do with that information

    Value of g on earth is 9.8 m/s^2. We are going with the assumption that moon also has same gravity.

    Universal Gravitation Law states that Force between 2 objects is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. Or if we talking about in terms of formula

    F(g)= GMm/r^2

    But F= mg

    Which means mg= GMm/r^2

    Or, g= GM/r^2

    • g= 9.8 m/s^2
    • r= Radius of moon which is 1737000 meters
    • G= 6…
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  • Chuci28

    Warhammer 40k:: exterminatus

    February 19, 2019 by Chuci28

    "Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand know that you have no right to let them live."---- Exterminatus Extremis

    Exterminatux destroy the surfaces of planets very quickly. Pretty powerful. I wonder how powerful? . in the video it looks like an Imperial battleship launches 39 Cyclonic Torpedoes, in the wiki it is stated that torpedoes is  used.

    I do not know what size the planet is, use Pluton as a low ball and a Mars as a high ball.

    Planet diameter: 509 px

    Pluto diameter: 2377 km

    Blast diameter: 126.3 px

    Blast diameter real: 589.8 km

    Pluton circumference: 2377* π : 7463.78km

    according to Nuke calculator results  5.98 Petatons (multi-continent level),  to know the power of individual shots.

    5.89/39= 153.333…

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  • Chuci28

    "Every weapon in the battleship’s arsenal was prepared and oriented down at the surface; torpedo arrays filled with warshots that could atomise whole continents in a single strike, energy cannons capable of boiling off oceans, kinetic killers that could behead mountains through the brute force of their impact. This was only the power of the ship itself; then there was the minor fleet of auxiliary craft aboard it, wings of fighters and bombers that could come screaming down into Dagonet’s atmosphere on plumes of white fire. Swift death bringers that could raze cities, burn nations." Nemesis, pag. 561.

    Using Australia as the typical low end for continental destruction.

    Australia's mainland has a surface area of 7,659,861 km^2 (7.659861e+12 m^2…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Because we dont have enough Naruto blogs...... nah but seriously this needs a seperate blog. I will be explaining and compiling feats of other characters in this blog, sort of like respect thread but this will be more elaborated and broad. 

    Sharingan, also known as Mirror/Copy Wheel Eye due to it's nature, is one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu", and is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan that appears selectively among its members. When a wielder of this kekkei genkai experiences a powerful emotional condition with regards to a person precious to them, their brain releases a special form of chakra that affects the optic nerves, transforming the eyes into Sharingan; for that reason the Sharingan is described as an "eye that reflects the…

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  • Chuci28

    shin getter robot feats

    February 16, 2019 by Chuci28


    the distancia between Moon to Earth= 384400 km

    The time shown in the videos is from 14:19 to 14:34, a range of 15 seconds.

    V= 384400 / 15= 25626.6666667 Km/s or  Mach 74701.2145749 Sub-relativistic speed.

    this scale to shin getter robot and Neo getter robot.


    volume ganymedes =      7.66×1010 km3   or 7.66E+25 cm3               

    Violent Fragmentation

    7.66E+25 * 69 = 5285400000000000000000000000 Joules  or 791.6146365459567322 Petaton (multi-continent)


    7.66E+25* 214.35= 16419210000000000000000000000 Joules or 3.9242853728489487305 exaton (multi-continent level)

    Vaporization (highly unlikely)

    7.66E+25* 25700= 1968620000000000000000000000000 Joules or  470.511472275334625 exaton ( moon level)

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  • Chuci28

    This blog will show some physical feats of the royal knight as strength, speed and destructive power.

    In the infinite branches of the Digital Multiverse, there are higher dimensions and beings that resides in them.This heavily implies to be an existence above the normal Digital World, a 5 spatial dimension existence. The higher dimensions they're referring to are beyond the humans capacity to even possibly imagine, The Great Intent. This is how the whole creation of God is called, it can also be called the Work of God, even the greatest world ever presented in the franchise (Except, of course, the home of God) which is the World of Eaters is still only one Small part of an even larger existential set that is the creation of God.

    according to…

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  • BMWFanboy

    Tengai Shinsei!

    February 15, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    For the 1000th time, calculatingMadara yeeting on they goofy ass

    Instead of scaling that goofy meteor, we can simply scale it's weight to the Genbu, how? 

    Simple, Ohnoki can casually lift Genbu with one hand and fly in the air with it, whereas Ohnoki shat himself trying to stop the meteor Madara brought down and still needed to lighten Gaara's sand to allow him to help Ohnoki stop the meteor, this means the meteor is extremely heavy, heavier than Genbu ofcourse. 

    So, we'll simply assign the meteor the mass of Genbu or 218270696051152 kg (do not this doesn't include the mass of the turtle itself)

    As for it's speed, we can assume timeframes of 30, 60 and 300 seconds for the meteor, (since anything longer would imply the Shinobi alliance stood in…

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  • Chuci28

    Goku sends enemies to the sun

    February 15, 2019 by Chuci28


    the distance between sun and earth 149.6 million km

    The time shown in the videos is from 1:35 to 2:03, a range of 18 seconds.

    V =  149600000 / 18 = 8311111.11111 km/s or 27.7037037037 Xc  FTL + 

    this scale to vegeta super sayayin, Freezer 100%


    the previous calculation is applied. 

    the time shown in the video is from 3:38 to 3:47,  a range of 9 seconds.

    V= 149600000 / 9 = 16622222.2222 km/s or 55.407 Xc FTL+

    his scale to cell super perfect, gohan super sayayin 2 and from there on.


    in this case is the mars.

    distance between sun and mars 227.9 million km

    the time shown in the video is from 58s to 1:18, a range of 20 seconds

    V= 227900000 / 20= 11395000 km/s or  37.9833333333 Xc FTL+.

    this is the speed of the kameha of goku and friends.

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  • BMWFanboy

    1000 Buddha Fisting Hands

    February 14, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    Hashi creates the Shin Susenju to fondle Madara

    Mountain height = 3500 m from here

    Mountain = 3500 m = 136 px or 25.7352941176 m/px
    Highest arm length = 625 px or 16084.5588235 m
    Highest arm width = 44 px or 1132.35294118 m

    Let's calc the 1000 arms by halving the height of this one
    Volume = 8.1e+9 m^3
    Mass =  1.0773e+13 kg

    Since there's a 1000 of these fuckers
    Total mass = 1.0773e+16 kg
    Let's take the expansion as it's total height = 1165 px or 29981.6176471 m

    Assuming 1s
    KE = 4.84191E+24 J - Continent level

    Assuming 5s

    KE = 1.93676E+23 J - Country level
    Continent/Country level for just making that damn thing

    Continent/Country Hashi just for making the fucking statue

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  • BMWFanboy

    Naruto's Moon

    February 11, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    So I remembered that the moon Hags and Hams made is actually made from the Earth itself, like all CT are, which means it should have the average density of the Earth, not irl moon, which is 5.513 g/cm^3

    Thus the moon's mass would be 

    Volume = 2.19e+19 m^3

    Density = 5.513 g/cm^3

    Mass = 1.207347e+23 Kg

    Mass = 1.207347e+23 Kg or around 1.6x the mass of irl moon, not much but eh

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  • XBlake123

    TSSDK Explanation

    February 10, 2019 by XBlake123

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, also known as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a Light Novel series written by Fuse. The series started back in 2013 in form of a Web Novel and later received a Light Novel publication which was further adapted into both Manga as well as Anime due to insane popularity in east. When it comes to hax and abilities, TSSDK is one of the best eastern fictions, where even low tiers are capable of Atomization, Soul destruction, Light-speed attacks and so on. The following blog will elaborate upon the several terminologies and unique concepts involved in the verse.

    • Ultimate Skills are the evolved versions of the "Unique Skills". The ability of a Unique Skill is one of a kind. Once it evolves into an Ultimate …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Lets start with chakra and its applications

    Chakra is the energy that a ninja requires to perform ninjutsu. The basic components of chakra is Physical energy - energy drawn from each and every cell in the body and Mental/Spiritual energy  - acquired with training and experience. It is a versatile form of energy which can be converted into various other energy forms of combat. It is also possible to climb the tree on foot or walk on any liquid surface, granted you have enough chakra control. Same principle can also be used on weapons, which makes it possible to hold, use and throw sword, kunai,etc. even with your legs.

    Although most of the characters in NV dont have that much common skillset, there are some jutsus that are common. These are m…

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  • BMWFanboy

    Gunnm Feats

    February 9, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    Some feats for Alita and Makaku

    • Makaku shatters the wall next to him with one swing
    • Makaku can fire his drills at Supersonic speeds, and can control their speed as well (increase/decrease)
    • Makaku creats a manhole his size with his drills
    • Alita can move between Mach 0.94 and Mach 3-4 
    • Alita can release 15,000 C plasma from her fingers 
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  • Chuci28

    building height  13 Px:  12.5 meters red line.

    421/13: 32.38*12.5: 404.8 meters blue line.

    889/421: 2.11 * 404.8: 888.31 meters yellow line.

    According to this, to create a space-time distortion of 2cm in diameter it would be necessary to compress the entire mass of the earth in this small space

    In such away that.

    P: 2 *(404.8+888.31) 2586.22 meters. 258622 / 2: 129311 time mass of the earth

    mass of earth: 5.9 sextillion de tons. 129311* 5.9: 729.9349 Septillion Tons. this 123 times the mass of Jupiter or 0.388 solar mass.

    GBE of Jupiter= 1.607e+40 Joules

    1.607e+40*123 = 1.9766e+42 Joules or 6.918 octillion tons TNT. (Dwarf star level).

    shinegreymon, Miragegaogamon, ravemon and rosemon survived that attack.

    The feat starts at 12:31

    Basically, the King…

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  • BMWFanboy

    Alita's heart

    February 8, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    In the new movie, Dr.Ido says Alita's heart is so powerful it could power the Iron City for years

    Now, the Iron City is in the 26th Century with multiple skyscrapers, shops, a large stadium and more which qualifies it as a normal city in irl standards, so we'll use the electrical consumption of a city in a year of NYC

    NYC consumes 10380200 Megawatt hour electricity a year  

    Alita's heart could provide that for a minimum of 2 years (since Ido said years as in plural)

    That means 20760400 MWh

    20760400 MWh = 7.473744e+16 J or City level

    Over two years = 6.307e+7 s

    Energy produced by her heart/s = 7.473744e+16/6.307e+7

    = 1,184,991,913.75 J or Building level

    Probably an outlier? Could be since she didn't actually show any feat of this level to my knowledg…

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  • RM97

    GetBackers is a verse which is not only underrated, but it is also one of those series which peeps in VS forums either wank or lowball due to their lack of proper knowledge on the verse or understanding of the context of the feats. The following blog will analyze and elaborate upon the different aspects, terminology, and general statistics feats of the verse. Moreover, the blog will also try to debunk some of the most nonsensical wank/lowball that has been going around in various forums.

    The Divine Design are a set of 40 cards that are considered to have supernatural abilities working around them. Introduced in the Divine Design arc, the Divine Design Cards have been referred to as magical cards which have been able to impact the lives of man…

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  • Danny1112

    Yhwach tier

    February 4, 2019 by Danny1112

    Introduction: Yhwach stated that soul king stabilizes Hueco mundo,Earth and Soul society from collapsing on each other or collapsing



    • Am going to calc the energy required to do that.
    • I will leave out Hueco mundo since it has no stated size and factor only Earth and Soul society since their equal in size
    • The energy required to hold the planets from collapsing on each other or collapsing is equivalent to the energy required to move the said planets,which is also greater than the energy required to disperse the said planets combined.

    Kinetic energy:


    0.5*1.1944e25(combined mass of the Planets)*30000^2(Velocity of the planets )= 5.3748e 33 joules or 1284 zettat…

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  • Adam of darkness

    This dude has ability to make massive ice spikes and boulders. We gonna calc one of them becuase BC has less feats and this guy was only relevant for like 3 chapter

    Asta= 1.55 meters= 46px

    Ice Boulder length= 262px= 8.828260869565206 meters

    a= 4.414130434782603 meters

    Ice Boulder Width= 7.07608695652173 meters

    b= c= 3.538043478260865 meters

    Volume= (4/3)Pi*abc= 231.45 m^3

    Since these ice are formed out of thin air, we gonna go with air

    air is 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen

    density of solid oxygen is 1426 kg/m^3

    20% Volume= 46.29 m^3

    Mass= 66009.98 kg

    Room temeperature= 20 degree celcius or 293.15 kelvin

    Oxygen Melting Point= -218.8 C or 491.95 kelvin

    Delta T= 198.8 k

    Specific heat of Oxygen is 918 J/kg K at 300 K

    Q = m*C*Delta(t)

    Q1= 12046716360 Joules 


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  • Adam of darkness

    A nuke calc

    February 3, 2019 by Adam of darkness

    Context: Urd is possessed by his Demonic Powers and goes Berserk. However, Skuld has a plan and pulls out her most powerful bomb yet, the Anti-Proton Bomb.

    Manga Chapter:

    Calculation: A nuke which has blast radius of 3000 km

    Putting that in nuke calculator we get 1629400000 Megatons, which is 1.6294 Petatons of TNT - Continent level

    Conclusion: Skuld's Most Powerful Bomb is Continent Level, Urd can nullify and absorb it, Ehwaz's Forcefield can tank it for just a second

    Smallest calc blog in existence

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  • Adam of darkness

    Drole creates a giant maze for preparation of the Great Festival

    No scaling for this one.

    The walls of maze is stated to be 300 feet or 91.44 meters high with radius close to 8 miles or 12874.8 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 47617552880.2330003007095438 m^3

    Density of Rock= 2700 kg/m^3

    Mass= 128567392776629.10081191576826 kg

    To account for hollowness, I will discard 80% of the mass

    True Mass= 25713478555325.820162383153652 kg

    PE= mgh

    g= 9.8 m/s^2

    h= 45.72 meters

    PE= 11521078347585065.678676746292700512 Joules or 2.753603811564308240602 Megatons of TNT - Town+

    Thats pretty dissapointing. Well, this was a casual feat either way

    Drole drops all meteors in a single point which makes tremours, even felt all the way upto Kingdom of Liones.

    Distance between Edinburg…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Hendrickson breaks the seal put on Demons, as a result commandments get released. When released they cause a quake, which is felt even by Seven Deadly Sins . Just a reminder, the location is 150 miles away

    This feat has already been calculated here, but magnitude should be higher. Ofcourse the first question would be based on what? Based on the classification of Mercalli scale

    V - Moderate: Felt by nearly everyone; many awakened. Some dishes, windows broken. Unstable objects overturned. Pendulum clocks may stop.

    VI - Strong: Felt by all, many frightened. Some heavy furniture moved; a few instances of fallen plaster. Damage slight.

    VII - Very Strong: Damage negligible in buildings of good design and construction; slight to moderate in well-buil…

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  • BMWFanboy

    Madara spreads the Shinju

    January 30, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    The average Shinobi can be assumed to be as tall as 166cm, Naruto's teen height
    166/24 = 6.91666666667 cm/px

    Distance between roots = 301 px or 2081.91666667 cm

    Sq. Area per root = 433.44 m^2

    Root width = 70 px or 484.166666667 cm

    Now for our length, we can't simply go by each root pver the ground because that won't account for the roots underground, because these are God Tree's roots after all, so they sprout from it, we can use it as a starting point

    But, how far do we measure? Because the roots went to the opposite side of the planet,
    but it also went extremely close, so what do we do?

    We can use the Shinju's height as an average (considering it's only 500 km which should be a good average considering how many roots would be going to the other …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Diane after getting her sacred treasure Gideon back showcases her power. She gauges out a huge chunk of earth, raises it all in air and brings in together via her earth manipulation to form a floating mountain, which she then slams on the ground. Yes, the chapter was pretty hype

    • Diane= 9.15 meters= 20px
    • Boulder height= 609px= 278.6 meters

    • Boulder height (Dome section)= 278.6 meters= 332px
    • Width= 799px= 670.5 meters

    r= 335.25 meters

    • Boulder height (Conical section)= 461px= 386.8 meters
    • Height= 991px= 831.6 meters

    Volume (Dome section)= (2/3)Pi*abc= 65590537 m^3

    Volume (Conical section)= Pi*r^2*h/3= 45538008 m^3

    Total Volume= 111128545.4 m^3

    Diane essentially destroyed this much volume. which she bought together to form that floating boulder. And since…

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  • Adam of darkness

    NNT: Baste Dungeon

    January 26, 2019 by Adam of darkness

    Width= 55px

    Panel height= 589px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35) = 7.481851105586 

    Distance to Dungeon from village is 8 miles

    Size = 1683.6 meters

    Now there is also another panel like this , which if you anglesize you will get value as 800-ish meter. I did not use it because

    1) It is an aerial shot. 8 miles distance is from land, ergo the distance from above is more than 8 miles, which makes anglesizing less accurate than the one I did

    2) Becuase it is an aerial shot, perspective is fucked up (comparatively)

    3) PoV is much more tilted comparatively

    • Base= 1683.6 meters= 191px
    • Height= 320px= 2820.69 meters
    • Upper rock width= 91px= 802 meters

    a= b= 401 meters

    • Upper rock height= 49px= 431.9 meters

    c= 215.95 meters

    Ruin punches Meliodas multiple tim…

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  • Adam of darkness

    NNT: Twigo's slash

    January 26, 2019 by Adam of darkness

    Twigo, a holyknight from chapter 1, showcases the power of his slashes. Meliodas bops on him pretty casually, and Twigo himself is a fodder in verse all things considered. So anyone relevant scales to this stuff

    Twigo carves a part of mountain/hill with his swing

    Meliodas= 1.52 meters= 38px

    Width of the carved rock= 532px= 21.28 meters

    Height= 499px= 19.96 meters

    From left panel, we will get the length too

    Width of the carved rock= 21.28 meters = 76px

    Length= 194px= 54.32 meters

    Volume= lbh= 23072354816 cc

    Now this was not actually destroyed, but just carved out. So we will be taking shear strength into account here, which is 8 j/cc (In short, fragmentation value)

    E= 184578838528 Joules or 44.1 Tons of TNT - city block level

    Twigo cleaves through a fo…

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  • Adam of darkness

    So there is a race between these 2 chicks in which they summon meteor from outside of planet and hit the bullseye which is a circle drawn on ..... .well earth's surface. Event in question

    Earth= 12,742 km= 42px

    Panel height= 110px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 29.93613811592 degrees

    Distance= 23830 km 

    Timeframe 30 sec for low-end because from the looks of it, this did not take that much time.

    Speed= D/T= 794333 m/s or Mach 2315.8 - Massively Hypersonic+

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  • Birgi Emir Özyavru

    In this blog I will explain the Umineko Cosmology.I will use cannon scans from the Visual Novel and Manga (Say It In Red Interview ) to explain the cosmology

    Before starting keep in mind that the verse uses an infinity layered for cosmology

    There are 3 types of Witches in Umineko:Terriority Lords,Voyagers and Creators

    Terriority Lord:This is the weakest type of witch that is bound by terriority.Their terriority lives as long as they don't lose their will.Battler and Beatrice are this type of witches

    Voyagers:Voyagers are witches that are not bound by terriority and can travel in Sea of Fragments to complete their journey as Voyager witches.Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are this type of witches.

    Creators:Highest type of witches that are above everything …

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  • BMWFanboy

    The Power of the Uchiha

    January 3, 2019 by BMWFanboy

    Tree width = 51 px or 96050 m = 1883.33333333 m/px

    Chibaku diameter = 14 px or 26366.6666667 m

    Radius = 13183.3333333

    Sphere Volume = 9.6e+12 m^3
    Mass = 2.4144e+16 kg

    There's 9 of em per beast so total mass = 2.17296e+17 kg


    Size of Land of Frost = 47 px = 2296.6119 km (in vinit's calc )
    = 48.8640829787 km/px

    Distance from Land of Frost to Valley of End (where n&s where fighting) =139 px or 6792.10753404 km

    Now, Sasuke makes his sign, the Chibaku start moving and they arrived behind him just as Naruto was able to react to them

    Thus, using a small timeframe is reasonable, so for high, mid and low end we can use 1,5 n 10s

    1s speed = 5.01223E+30 J Small Planet
    5s speed = 2.00489E+29 J Moon level
    10s speed = 5.01223E+28 J Multi-Continental +

    Since I disag…

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  • Danny1112

    Introduction: Today's calc would be based on a feat kenpachi performed, where he destroys a meteor in bleach chapter 576-577


    • First we have to find the AP of the meteor before we go on with the main calc

    • According to this calc,seretei has a diameter of 1018km/1018000m and a circumference of 3200km/3200000m.

    Seretei=1164 pixels=1018.59km/1018590m

    Height=536 pixels=469.04km/469040m



    Meteor diameter=465 pixels=463.06km/463060m


    Meteor volume:volume of a sphere=4/3*pi*r^3


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  • Adam of darkness

    Naruto slices through Shinju tree and elevates the sliced part in air. We going to calc that 

    We already got base of Shinju tree to be 96.05 km

    Shinju width= 96.05 km= 412px

    Elevated height= 106px= 24.711 km or 24711 meters I know the scaling looks a bit wonky but this is the only good scalable panel. I took the apparant center of both sides and joined them as a mid-end. 

    Height of Shinju is 563 km. I will take 540 to account for the base and roots which were left out.

    Volume = 1487541333311286.75 m^3

    Since Shinju is a tree we refer to this chart and take the most dense value for obvious reason, which is 1330 kg/m^3

    Mass= 1978429973304011377.5 kg

    PE= mgh= 479618259576294282365128 Joules or 114.6 Teratons of TNT - Country+ level

    Kinda underwhelming, …

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  • BMWFanboy

    The Power of a God

    December 29, 2018 by BMWFanboy

    So Vinit told me my calc was wrong cus I scaled from the Country instead of the roots, so I'll scale from the middle of the root now

    Because I'm using Vinit's root calc, I'll point out a few things

    1. The part he scaled is when the Shinju is shooting out, and the stump is much more equal in size to the root than when it is when the Shinju is completely formed
    2. When shooting out initially, the Tendrils are rare and just spourting out as can be seen in panels following the one Vinit scaled, further ennforcing that's not the thicker end next to the stump, but further away from it
    3. The middle of the root is like half the size of the part next to the stump, which means if the part next to the stump is scaled (to Vinit's measure of the root which was sho…

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  • RM97

    Vampire Hunter D Feats

    December 29, 2018 by RM97

    Vampire Hunter D is a series of Light Novels that are written by Hideyuki Kikuchi since 1984 and consists over three dozen volumes and still ongoing. The series depicts a Post-Apocalyptic Future in the year 12,090 AD when the world is ruled by Vampires Lords called Nobles and their servant mutant creatures with Humanity living under fear. D is the main protagonist of the series who is a Dhampir AKA a half human and half vampire and travels around to help those in need and fight evil forces. The following blog will provide feats from the novels along with context for D's feats. Note that some abilities have been omitted from later volumes of the novels due to the redundancy it creates such as D's Technology Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Aura,…

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  • RM97

    Selesia's Fiery Power

    December 27, 2018 by RM97

    In Episode 10 of Re:Creators, Selesia Upitiria receives a massive upgrade in power after her abilities are revised. After this she unleashes a massive gout of fire. It incinerates everything in front of it reduces the ground to molten asphalt. So this begs the question: how powerful was this attack?

    1. The fire got hot enough to melt bitumen, which occurs at 115.556 degrees Celsius. However, Selesia didn't just melt it, she reduces it to molten slag. Since rock is likely mixed with this material and won't reach that yellow-orange molten form until a minimum of 600 degrees Celsius, we can likely assume that it reached that temperature. In fact, fire easily hits 600 degrees Celsius, so this lines up nicely.

    2. The melted area is a half-cylinde…

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  • RM97

    Creations Speed

    December 27, 2018 by RM97

    In Episode 19, Selesia is able to fight Charon in their Vogelchevaliers. Note that Vogelchevalier has not been modified at all and neither was it implied that the Vogelchevalier was an improved version. So this is the same Vogelchevalier.

    Selesia's Vogelchevalier: 18.46 px

    Vogelchevalier height: 17 meters as per the Guidebook

    Pixel size: 0.921 meters

    Selesia's Co-Ordinate Position: 379x241

    Selesia's New Co-Ordinate Position: 778x393

    Vertical travel distance: 152 px

    Horizontal travel distance: 399 px

    Hypotenuse of a triangle: 426.97 px

    Distance covered: 426.97*0.921 = 393.239 meters

    Timeframe: 44.90-44.76 = 0.14 seconds

    Speed = 393.239/0.14 = 2808.85 meters per second, Mach 8.189, Hypersonic

    All of the Creations are Hypersonic in Speed as they scale to …

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  • Danny1112

    Ichibei moves ink

    December 24, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: Ichibei gets angry with Yhwach and decides to teach him a lesson.He then brings up a massive amount of ink towards himself and uses it to make graves  Scans: He then claims that the ink he brought and used to make the graves was worth nights from soul society and soul society is the mirror reflection of earth.This basically mean that he converted the darkness at night into ink and brought it to soul palace. Scan: Basics:

    • Am going to lowball by assuming that he only converted the darkness covering soul society's atmosphere into ink.

    Timeframe: I will lowball that it took all the inks 1 min to reach ichibei.


    Earth's Atmosphere has a mass of 5.1480*10^18kg

    So basically the volume is=mass/density=5.1480*10^18/1200…

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  • TataHakai

    Casual chapter 11 calc for Shouto 

    Window height = 1 meter? = 19 px

    Building height = 514 px = 27.0526315789 meters

    Building length = 147 px = 7.73684210526 meters

    Building width = 87 px = 4.57894736842 meters

    Building volume =  958.38256305355 meters^3

    Since it's a building it'll be mostly hollow 

    I'll use 80%

    958.38256305355 x 0.2 = 191.676512611 m^3

    Mass = 191.676512611 X 1.003 = 192.251542149 kg

    Average temperature in japan is apparently around 14.1 celcius when it's not summer or winter so this should be fine

    Freezing point of liquid nitrogen is apparently -210 celcius

    so our T change = 195.9 celsius or 224 kelvin

    Q1 = 44786919.259 joules

    Q2 = 5479168.95125 joules

    Shouto freezes a building = 50266088.2103 joules or 0.012 tons of TNT (Small Building …

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  • BMWFanboy

    Naruto Earth size

    December 15, 2018 by BMWFanboy

    From past discussion with Vinit he found the OBD country size flawed, so now I'll be usinghis calc for Naruto country size

    First scan (new px scaling in larger font)

    Country width at minimum point = 24 px

    24 px = 2296.6119 km (in vinit's calc)
    95.6921625 km/px

    Enemy hideout = 2392.3040625 km

    Next pic   enemy hideout =  27 px = 2392.3040625 km
    = 88.6038541667 km/px

    Earth diameter = 976 px = 88.6038541667 = 86477.3616667 km 

    Around 7 times as large as irl Earth

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  • Danny1112

    Yamamoto shikai power

    December 6, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction:Today am going to calc the power of Yamamoto's shikai.

    Basis:According to this scan.Aizen stated that Yamji's shikai would have destroyed an area many times the size of karakura town if Yamji didn't hold the explosion to himself.

    So am going to be calcing the energy required to destroy a size many times than karakura,but first we need to find the size of karakura town.

    • per this scan:Toshiro stated that his hyotten Hyakkaso has a radius of 12km,that's a 24km diameter.

    So am going to use that to scale the size of karakura town since toshiro also performed the same attack in karakura town and yet it didn't cover the whole of karakura town/city.That's to show how big it is.

    Karakura Town size:

    Hyotten Hyakkaso:24km-161px

    City:755px=112km …

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  • Adam of darkness

    Erza and knightwalker (Erza of Edolas) destroy the floating island while clashing with each other. That is pretty much it

    Window= 2 meters= 2px

    Pillar= 17px= 17 meters

    Pillar= 17 meters= 12px

    Island width= 443px= 627 meters

    a= 313.8 meters

    Island height= 223px= 316 meters

    b=c= 158 meters

    Volume= (4/3)*Pi*abc= 32795563740446 cc

    • Fragmentation Value= 8 j/cc

    E= 262364509923572 Joules or 62.7 Kilotons of TNT 

    Divided by 2, each one gets 31.35 Kilotons - Town level

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  • Adam of darkness

    Bleach: God Trumpet

    November 24, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Lille destroys a part of Wandenreich city with his trumpet. This one will be lengthy.......

    So yhwach sends in some black substance oozing from his body down towards Soul Society, from SKP. Yeah....

    Sereitie diameter= 1018.59 km= 1923

    Black cylinder= 7px= 3.7 km

    This black thing originated from Yhwach, who was in Soul King Palace

    Black Cylinder= 3.7 km= 5px

    Section= 16px= 11.8 km

    Now to get size of Discs aka Royal cities....

    Section= 11.8 km= 16px

    Disc height= 5px= 3.7 km

    Disc Height= 3.7 km= 7px

    Disc Width= 216px= 114.4 km

    Pretty fucking big

    City= 114.4 km= 116px

    Hole Width= 61px= 60.165 km or 60165 meters

    Radius= 30082.6 meters

    Depth= height of Royal city= 3.707 km or 3707 meters

    Volume= Pi*r^2h= 10541479764304265537 cc

    • Pulverization Value= 214.35 j/cc

    E= …

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  • Danny1112

    Yhwach tier redone

    November 21, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: After reading Adams blog,I totally agree with him that using soul king's palace as a scale to yhwach feat is totally flawed,so am going to redo the calc.


    First I'm going to calculate the wandenriech's mass,I'm going to assume that only half of it is made out of buildings and the other half is empty for streets and stuff. the smallest building>>> I could find that is actually touching the ground is

    Window:1.5m-5px Building: 314px-94.2m 94.2m high


    So according to this calc:

    Wandenrich's diameter is 1018000m so the radius would be 509000m

    Volume:3.14*509000(radius)*509000*94(height of buildings ×0.5(only half of seretei/wandenrich)=3.823517398*10^…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Alright firstly let's adress the feat. Feat is as the title says, Yhwach lifting the quincy nation Wandenreich which was in Soul Society, all the away towards Soul King Palace. There are 2 major problems with the current calculation

    1) Assumption: The assumption of SKP being as big as Sereitie is just that, assumption (Unless someone  points out something which suggested otherwise, because in my read I did not find any). And.... that is pretty much the basis of entire calculation. From that assumption, every other dimensions were scaled.

    Solution: Of course one can easily eliminate this problem by scaling the Royal cities which floated around the Palace, and there are panels through which one can find the sizes of those cities too. But then co…

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  • Danny1112

    Gremmy's meteor creation

    November 16, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: Today's calc is going to be based on gremmy's meteor.

    Basis:Am going to find the size of the meteor and the mass then move on with the main calc,I will be kicking out the scaling to yoruichi's statement stuffs but basing on the actual scaling.

    So how do we start?

    We use Uryu's Ishida's height from the manga info pages to find the height of the Quincy City and the Meteor. Uryu post-time skip is 177 cm (5'9½")

    Calc image:

    Uryu's Height = 8px = 1.77 m

    Silbern Ceiling= 130px = 28.76 m


    Silbern Ceiling = 5px = 28.76 m

    Meteor Diameter = 495px = 2847.24 m - 1423.62 m

    Diameter=2847.24 m



    Meteor Density is 7g/cm^3


    Am going to use mass-conversion(E=MC^2) formula for this feat sinc…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Genryuusai goes nuts and releases his bankai for the very first time in the series. We will be calculating 2 feats, and we wont require any scaling or shit for it. Yay

    When Yamamoto released his bankai everything in soul society was drying up , and Toshiro noted how all moisture in Soul Society is slowly dissapearing.

    Later we see all the moisture was lifted, and a cloud was formed. We will be assuming it is a Nimbostratus cloud which are usually 2400 meters above the ground. Just after Yamamoto deactivated his bankai , the cloud started to rain , and in that way the moisture, which was lifted away by Yamamoto, returned back to Soul Society

    But, we are going to focus on the fact that the cloud started to rain after bankai was deactivated, ergo the …

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  • Danny1112

    Bleach:Yhwach's tier

    November 4, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: This blog is based on a feat of yhwach,where he raises the whole of wandanriech(the quincy country which was basically the shadow reflection of seretei) from soul society to soul king's basically am going to calc the energy required to perform such feat.

    Basis:Credits goes to @Madsouler and @Adam of darkness for the size of seretei and mass of wandanriech.

    Calculation:Seireitei's radius = 509.2958178941 km

    Wharwelt's radius = SS's radius = 509.2958178941 km

    Wharwelt's radius = 615.764 px

    Wharwelt's height = 10 px

    Wharwelt's height = 8.271 km 


    Wharwelt's "branch" width = 30.016 px

    Wharwelt's "branch" width = 24.826 km

    Wharwelt's "branch" length = 330.261 px

    Wharwelt's "Branch" length = 273.157 km

    Circular thingy's diame…

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  • Danny1112

    Bleach:Mimihagi speed

    November 3, 2018 by Danny1112

    Introduction: Mimihagi crossed the distance between soul society and soul king's palace at a matter of seconds,So I will be calcing the speed required to perform such feat.

    First I will start with the timeframe mimighagi took to reach soul king dimension from soul society


    From the scans above,the feat looks like it happened in an instant, but for the sake of accuracy I will assume an estimated time of 6 seconds as a lowball.

    Calculation; Distance between soul Kings dimension and soul society 1578896024 According to the calc here

    So without further adu.



    Conclusion: Mimihagi moves at Mach 773309.52 (rela…

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  • Adam of darkness

    In Chapter 676, just after reciveing his second rinnegan from Obito and creating dozens of CT, madara flies towards moon at incredible speeds. We will try to put a number on it, so let's get started

    Madara was pretty close to moon to say the least. Lets get the distance

    Moon= 3474 km= 897px

    Panel height= 1111px

    2*atan((Object height/panel height)*tan35)= 58.961911431318 degrees 

    Putting that in this calculator, we get 3072.5 km as distance of moon from Madara.

    So as I said, he was pretty close to moon. In case you are doubting, IT requires him to fly close to moon , and activate the jutsu. 

    Now, we know he started his flight from where he made CTs. Let's scale that too

    We know madara was in-berween CTs, but we will assume he was floating above the h…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Naruto: Rain Drops

    October 31, 2018 by Adam of darkness

    Madara makes and drops dozens of Chibaku Tenseis after recieving both of his Rinnegan. I will not be calculating all CTs as it is impossible to do so (Some appear small due to perspective issue, some are not seen, and so on), so I will be finding dimensions of the smallest one, and multiply the result with Number of CTs. So lets get started

    I got shinju tree roots to be 29.01 km here

    Root= 29.01 km= 9px

    CT width= 32px= 103.15 km

    a= b= 51.575 km

    CT length= 69px= 148.3 km

    c= 74.15 km

    CT Height= 250px= 805.8 km

    Volume= (4/3)Pi*abc= 825984825361385.96 m^3

    • Density= 2500 kg/m^3

    Mass= 2064962063403464900 kg

    PE= mgh

    • m= 2064962063403464900 kg
    • g= 9.81 m/s^2
    • h= height of CT= 805.8 km or  805800 meters

    PE= 16323314485073922881080200 Joules or 3.9 Petatons of TNT

    The n…

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  • Adam of darkness

    Will be helpful in calculating other feats so lets get started

    Bijuudama crater= 107614.7 meters= 1652px

    Barrier= 780px= 50810.8 meters

    Barrier= 50810.8 meters= 415px

    Shinju Root= 237px= 29017.26 meters or 29.01 km

    Shinju Root= 29017.26 meters= 9px

    Crater Width= 317px= 1022052.4 meters

    Crater width= 1022052.4 meters= 85px

    Country Width= 191px= 2296611.9 meters or 2296.6119 km

    Let's find Shniju tree parameters too while we are at it

    Shinju root= 29.01 km= 29px

    Shinju Width (At bottom)= 96px= 96.05 km

    Shinju Width (At Top)= 12px= 12 meters

    Shinju Height= 569px= 569 km

    Shinju Root= 29.01 km

    Shinju Width (At bottom)=  96.05 km

    Shinju Width (At Top)= 12 meters

    Shinju Height= 569 km

    NV country width= 2296.6119 km 

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