Bastard!! was originally created by manga artist and author Kazushi Hagiwara in 1988. Bastard!! First made it's appearance in Weekly Shonen jump, It is being irregularly published today in Ultra Jump. The story follows the mightiest dark wizard on earth, Dark Schneider. The story is set over 400 years after the year 2000, the Kingdom of Metallicana is being attacked by the four Riders of havoc to revive the God of destruction Anthrax, this terribly worries the high priest and results in him awakening Dark Schneider a wizard and former leader of the riders of havoc, but once Dark Schneider is awakened he immediately ignores everyone and there plea for help and begins to plot his revenge and to gain total domination over the world. The story eventually switches from the struggle against the riders of havoc and the "god of destruction" to a battle between the supreme forces of good and evil which will decide the fate of the univere in which DS turns into a central focus. All the while DS screws every girl in the series as much as he can.

The manga is currently being redone in new volumes called "Comple edition" which add a few things (mostly severely tone up the adult content) and the expansions. The complete edition volumes and expansions are canon. The Black Rainbow, and Gara novels are also canon.


Bastard!! all around is a very powerful verse, it is beyond the likes of Dragon Ball Z and HST in terms of power. It has a large amount of characters that can travel and fight faster than the speed of light with top tier characters being MFTL+. Several Bastard!! characters can easily destroy a planet while the high tiers can destroy cosmic objects like stars, and the top tier characters are capable of the outright destruction of a galaxy and threatening even the entire universe. If you want to pit a certain verse against the Bastard!! verse bear in mind that Bastard!! characters have little regard for the destructive capacity of their opponents, not only are they extremely fast and powerful, but its one of the most haxed verses in animanga, so hax and more hax are definitely needed to take the win. To simply even reach high tiers in the Bastard!! verse there has to be broken dozens to hundreds of dispel bounds shields which could regenerate, and destroy their eternal atoms on the physical, spiritual and astral plane before any of the 3 can regenerate.

Character Profiles

Main Character

Dark Schneider

Riders Of Havoc


Arshes Nei

Kal Su

Ninja Master Gaara

Allies of DS



Kai Han






Fallen Angel/Former Angel


Satan and his 7 Demon Kings


Porno Diane (Satan's right hand)








Other Monsters/Demons


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