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• 12/2/2018

Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki)

Is it possible to make a page about Tanya?

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• 9/7/2018

The Ecchi that is Magicalize (Inomaru) ...

Someone would have a summary of Magicalize (Inomaru), because between the very incomplete summaries that gives Google and the very vague information given by the pages, I do not find myself there too much ...

Thanks in advance (y)
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• 2/8/2018

Mimihagi stops the Worlds and Melts with you.(Bleach Calc Request)

This feat has been bothering me for a few years, specifically the feat of Mimihagi(the Right Arm of the Soul King) being able to the stop Soul Society(which is the same size as the world of the living) from crumbling away. Most would say the right arm's function is to stabilize the realms. However, that would be the ability torso of the Soul King. It was in fact the ability of the Mimihagi to freeze, stunt or stop any form of progression which was evident in the case of Ukitake's illness and when Yhwach stopped the crumbling of SS when he started trying absorb the Soul King. He starts this at

And ends at:

I'm no Geophysicist which is why I'm here, but I'm curious as to how much energy Mimihagi was stopping between those 2 pages and for how long. Can anyone do a calc for this please?
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• 11/1/2017


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• 7/29/2017
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• 3/29/2017

Discussion boards

The discussion board is rarely checked, so if there is any topic that you wanna have discussed please just post it as a message on my wall instead.
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• 3/29/2017

Upgrade for Kaguya Otsutsuki's ETSB

Shouldn't Kaguya be considered a multi planetary being? She not only was going to destroy her dimension but was simultaneously going to create a new one at THE SAME TIME

Meaning her attack would surely contain somewhere around twice the energy needed to destroy it since she'd also be creating a new planet sized dimension out of nothing

"It's the start of a new dimension"

So she definitely was creating a new dimension as well as destroying the previous one simultaneously.

This would surely take twice the energy of just destroying a planet no? And i've seen creation feats being applied to DC before (Like Naruto & Sasuke creating a moon)
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• 3/29/2017

Upgrade for Aladdin

in chapter 333, page 8

We were told that Aladdin had surpassed solomon in strength.

Thus Aladdin should scale to Solomon at the very least and possibly higher since he is superior to solomon now, The wiki has Solomon at universal thus this should upgrade Aladdin to universal too. I think this is a fair enough upgrade, Magi recently had a timeskip and we know Aladdin got stronger and the author has basically confirmed he is superior to Solomon which has been a long time coming.
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• 3/18/2017

God of War profiles

I think we should make profiles for God Of War characters, I'm very well versed in the series so I can give you info on the characters' statistics.
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• 12/2/2016
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